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Searching By Keyword

When searching by keyword enter part of the quotation with the words in order. Avoid using quotation marks in your search string as much as possible. You can enter the percent sign (%) as a wild. Wilds are automatically put in at the beginning and end. For example "age" would search for any quotation with the word "age" in it whereas "age%youth" would search for a quotation with "age" some text and then "youth"

Searching By Author

Searching by author is fairly simple. If you enter just the first name only the first names will be searched and if you enter just a last name just the last names will be searched. If both a first name and last name are entered then it will search for both the first name and last name. You can still use the percent sign (%) as a wild if you wish. For example:

First Name: "Jimmy" would search for everybody with a first name of Jimmy.
Last Name: "Dugan" would search for everybody with a last name of Dugan.
First Name: "Jimmy" Last Name: "Dugan" would search for everybody named Jimmy Dugan.

Note: if the person you are looking for has only one name (i.e. Aristotle, Confucius) enter their name as a last name.

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