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18 Art Quotations

''Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.''
- Scott Adams 'The Dilbert Principle'

''Let each man exercise the art he knows.''
- Aristophanes

''Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.''
- Henry Ward Beecher Proverbs from Plymouth Pulpit

''Painting: The art of protecting flat surfaces from the weather and exposing them to the critic.''
- Ambrose Bierce The Devil's Dictionary

''Illusions are art, for the feeling person, and it is by art that you live, if you do.''
- Elizabeth Bowen

''[Abstract art is] a product of the untalented, sold by the unprincipled to the utterly bewildered.''
- Al Capp

''Through all the world there goes one long cry from the heart of the artist: Give me leave to do my utmost.''
- Isak Dineson 'Babette's Feast'

''Every artist was first an amateur.''
- Ralph Waldo Emerson Letters and Social Aims: Progress of Culture

''Works of art, in my opinion, are the only objects in the material universe to possess internal order, and that is why, though I don't believe that only art matters, I do belive in Art for Art's sake.''
- E. M. Forster

''Art is either plagiarism or revolution''
- Paul Gauguin

''Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does the better.''
- Andre Gide

''We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda; it is a form of truth.''
- John F. Kennedy

''Art is the desire of a man to express himself, to record the reactions of his personality to the world he lives in.''
- Amy Lowell

''Art is merely the refuge which the ingenious have invented, when they were supplied with food and women, to escape the tediousness of life.''
- W. Somerset Maugham 'Of Human Bondage'

''There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun.''
- Pablo Picasso

''I passionately hate the idea of being with it, I think an artist has always to be out of step with his time.''
- Orson Welles

''Another unsettling element in modern art is that common symptom of immaturity, the dread of doing what has been done before.''
- Edith Wharton

''Art is making something out of nothing and selling it.''
- Frank Zappa

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